Litigation, Forensic Accounting 
and Investigative Services

If you are involved in a commercial dispute or have discovered fraud or theft at your company, you want professionals on your side with  auditing, finance and valuation knowledge.  As an accounting and consulting firm over twenty years experience, we possess the skills and resources to assist you—whether you’re an individual, a company, or legal counsel—with difficult financial disputes and investigative matters.

 Litigation and Expert Witness Services

Fraud, theft, and the many other types of business and accounting improprieties can cause significant harm to the individuals and companies involved. If you’ve been affected by one of these issues, you know they need to be addressed with speed, efficiency, and in-depth knowledge of everything from the nature of the industry and its accounting and financial practices, to the proper investigative techniques to get the job done. We have solved these problems for many individuals, companies and law firms, allowing our clients to recover losses and get back to business as usual.

We offer consulting and expert services in:


Construction Disputes

If you’re an owner, developer, or contractor involved in a dispute concerning commercial developments, we can help. Our in-depth knowledge of the construction industry and strong foundation in the relevant accounting, finance, and economic principals us an excellent choice to assist you in sorting through these difficult issues. We have assisted individuals, companies, and their counsel in addressing the following types of matters, among many others:

  • Construction delay
  • Constructive change
  • Differing site condition
  • Partnership dispute
  • Profit/loss allocation
  • Project accounting


Estate, Trust and Marital Disputes

Estate, trust, and marital disputes frequently differ from business and commercial disputes in that the financial information needed often must be constructed (or re-constructed) from informal records. We can guide fiduciaries, attorneys, and their clients through the daunting task of gathering these records and help convert this data into clear and useful reports. We can also assist in the preparation of required financial reporting, such as trust accounting and the organization and presentation of financial information in prescribed formats. Here are a few of our services in this area:

  •          Valuation
  •          Asset tracing
  •          Child support and alimony payments
  •          Reconstruction and analysis of banking and other records
  •          Tax consulting
  •          Trust accounting


Forensic Accounting and Investigative Services

If you discover questionable or potentially fraudulent activities in your business, you know they need immediate attention. If you don’t react quickly, you can lose money and even harm your reputation.

We have a broad range of investigative experience, including:

  •          Breach of fiduciary duties
  •          Conflicts of interest
  •          Embezzlement
  •          Financial reporting fraud
  •          Insolvency and bankruptcy fraud
  •          Misappropriation of corporate assets

Investigative and Forensic Accounting

To help you recover lost or misappropriated assets, we can investigate suspected fraud, abnormalities, or irregularities by administering interviews, collecting and reviewing evidence, developing reports, and providing expert witness testimony.

Shareholder and Partner Disputes

Your industry is our business. In addition, we regularly partner with attorneys and other CPA firms to provide a variety of valuation services for many organizations. We are able to provide a determination of value or valuation consulting for:

  •          Shareholder disputes
  •          Purchase or sale of a practice
  •          Buy/sell agreement requirements
  •          Joint ventures


Insurance Claims and Business Interruption

Whether you are a claims adjuster or an insured party, we can help you analyze and quantify the amount of loss resulting from an insured event. Our experience includes:

  •          Losses in business interruption and extra expenses
  •          Property and inventory costs to repair or replace
  •          Co-insurance
  •          Construction defects and delays
  •          Product liability and product recall
  •          Environmental claims
  •          Fidelity
  •          Insurance fraud
  •          Subrogation


Lost Profits and Commercial Damages

Quantifying lost profits and other forms of commercial damage can quickly become complicated. We specialize in simplifying complex matters by presenting well-supported analyses that juries and triers of fact understand easily. This approach, supported by our broad industry experience and deep expertise in accounting, finance, economics, statistics and business valuation, makes us an excellent choice to help you when finance and law meet. Our professionals have quantified damages and provided expert testimony in the following types of matters, among many others: